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About the Centre

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For the Children

Maputo Mensah has created a new centre for the arts in the beautiful Ghanaian coastal village of Kokrobite. This centre is a venue for teaching and preserving West Africa's traditional arts, and provides young people with a place to grow into the next generation of world-class artists. It will also give these young ones focus and direction in life as they learn the deep cultural traditions that underpin the songs, dances, and stories of Africa.

For the Art

As the now-closed Academy of African Music and Arts did, the Akpe Cultural Centre is designed to attract students of all ages from the rest of the world, including established artists wishing to infuse their own work with the sound and soul of Africa. Stevie Wonder came to AAMA; so did Rita Marley, Isaac Hayes, and Steve Coleman.


The Akpe Cultural Centre preserves and offers the best in traditional African performing arts; at the same time,  it also provide space and opportunity for experimentation, fusion, and in many ways, therapy. Just as children are nurtured by the arts of Africa, adults find these arts uniquely healing to the mind, body, and spirit. They are increasingly needed in today’s world.

For the People

The Akpe Cultural Centre is a boon to the economy of the Kokrobite, offering employment opportunities and drawing even more travelers to this popular beach destination. It is a hotel, dining, and conference centre as well as a vibrant teaching venue.

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