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Can you help?

The Akpe Cultural Centre provides free tuition to the children of Kokrobite, who are often unable to pay for classes.


The centre was not created to make money; its aim is to generate the wealth that comes from keeping and sharing deep cultural values and from developing artistic skills that can change lives. 

That said, there are still expenses to meet and teachers to pay. Local adults and those who visit the centre from beyond Kokrobite help defray those costs, but our margins are tight and we are always grateful for any monetary donations we receive from those who support our mission. These help us serve more local kids.

Tax Deductible Donations

Contributions to the Akpe Cultural Centre can be made through  the Boulder County Arts Alliance in Boulder, Colorado, USA, and all donations through them are fully tax deductible in the U.S. When you click on the Donate (Deductible) button below, you will be taken to the centre's donation page at BCAA.

If you prefer, you can write a check payable to Boulder County Arts Alliance, with Maputo Mensah/Akpe Cultural Centre in the memo line (very important!), and mail to:

Boulder County Arts Alliance
2400 28th St.,  #103
Boulder, CO 80301

Direct Donations

If you aren’t interested in the tax deduction and want the Akpe Cultural Centre to have the full amount of your donation, with no fees withheld, you can donate directly to the centre by clicking the button below. 

However you choose to help, know that “akpe” expresses gratitude in the Ewe language, and that you have so much of ours. You and others like you are transforming a dream into a reality that will foster the best this world has to offer for generations to come.

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